A case study involving some social media or privacy situations where a student w

A case study involving some social media or privacy situations where a student will describe the event what he or she believes was wrong on the part of the actors concerning the relevant stakeholders and what actions based on a personal moral compass would have led to a better outcome. This case study will be evaluated using the attached grading table. Please use this to your advantage to check your work prior to submitting. Be sure to apply at least one ethical system in depth including application of at least 4 specific aspects of that system to the analysis of all parts of the worksheet/case study. Be sure to use the worksheet Please make sure that: -Case is summarized with specific details and a full citation with article title and URL is provided. -More than 4 stakeholders are identified and their relationship with the company listed and fully explained. “ Final outcome is explained in detail including details provided by recent or subsequent articles. “ A moral justification for this case is provided that references specific ethical theories and principles; this justification is provided in context of students own moral compass. -A leadership position and policy are provided that would prevent such a case from occurring or prevent a repeat; OR an alternative approach including the same is provided that justified this scenario.


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